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Welcome to Unum City!

A thrumming metropolis where it thrives as a multicultural haven that draws inhabitants and visitors from galaxies far and wide.While it may be governed by a blend of corporate entities and influential organizations, Unum City boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, creating a vibrant and diverse environment. Its status as a nexus for commerce, entertainment, and events like the (and especially!) the Vortex, attracts individuals seeking opportunities to win, to feel the thrill, and make a name for themselves. Despite occasional disturbances and power dynamics, Unum City remains a beacon of diversity, welcoming beings from everywhere and anywhere.

The Vortex

Unum City's pulse-pounding combat gameshow, beamed to every screen in the metropolis. Teams dive into the Simulacrum, a holographic arena with ever-changing landscapes, facing random game modes that demand quick thinking and teamwork. From treacherous terrains to strategic showdowns, the Vortex is a rollercoaster of unpredictability, uniting the city in collective excitement. It's not just a bloodsport; it's a cultural phenomenon where chaos meets strategy, and only the most adaptable teams emerge victorious in this city-wide spectacle.

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34th Vortex Run Contestants

As of now, only B.U.G, Noah, Haywood, Roose, Blanche, Armada and Olle have fully functioning pages. The rest are WIP.

Armada (Aurelius Iliad)

"...born as a sickly runt in the war-torn landscapes of Elios, a planet where might makes right, Armada defied the odds from the get-go. But then there's this rumor that Armada didn't just rely on skill. Some say he dabbled in physical enhancements, turning himself into an... artificial force of nature, I suppose that doesn't really matter because he's brought Elios results. He's been in wars we can't even fathom, ended battles that shook entire planets for years. His battered white overcoat tells tales of countless victories and defeats, badges adorned his uniform like an ambitious boyscout trying to fill up every part of his sash. He's done it all, seen it all, won it all. But the million dollar question is: What is he trying to prove in the Vortex?"

―Red, Vortex Unveiled | # 562

No one knew what led the major general away from the constant, raging wars that his nation had caused. It was a big mystery, but imagine the surprise when Armada joined the Vortex. Maybe it was all too easy; perhaps he believed the contestants in Unum were more formidable than the usual dogfights in the air.Either way, he had traded that for something new because if there was anything about Armada, he'd chase a lightning storm if it meant there was a chance to fight it.

Inner Circle

More info about angry bird soldier on Toyhouse.


"...Blanche, Blanche, Blanche, do we ever get tired of Blanche? Maybe, but if there was anything certain, it was that she's tired of us! Paired with the recent rumors about being part of the Mycite terrorist group, her lack of support for her homeworld and, well, being one of the usual walking headline here in Unum, she must be close to just leaving the Vortex and go off-grid. It's likely given the painful losing streak they had on the final quarter of the last Vortex match! But like the popular Blanche seasonal collections, they've brought something fresh this year. Some of her team got swapped, some are new, and if Blanche can channel all that pressure and anger into a raging opportunity for her team, like all those years ago, this MIGHT just be what Teatime needs."

―Blue, Vortex Unveiled | # 577

Blanche has certainly captured the attention of all Unum denizens, some through her intoxicating allure, some from wondering why the famous fashion designer would even participate in such dangerous endeavors that are... unbefitting of her, given that it seems to be at odds with her previous life.Whispers and speculations swirl around her like the fabric of her own design.


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Roose (Roosevelt Adelaide)

"But, and oh! Wait. Wait. Here's the kicker, she dared to step out of line. Disobeyed some fancy SC protocol, and just like that, she's out on her own. Abandoned like a malfunctioning toy. Classic corporate move, folks! Now, what does a tech genius do when the big corporations cast her aside? Well, if the rumors are true—and you know we thrive on rumors—Roose is eyeing a new crew. Enter Ballroom Blitz, the ragtag crew of misfits. Heard of 'em? Motley crew formed with members from every major Vortex team? This point in time, it's still as experimental as it is. We wouldn't know if they'd sink or swim, but we know our Agent R. She'd build them a boat if she has to."

―Blue, Vortex Unveiled | # 301

Roosevelt, or "AGENT R" was sentinelHR's fifth member. She is dedicated and extremely detail-oriented, used to the abysmal field of data management. She played a pivotal role as the team coordinator, documenting the allocation of Securocorp personnel and providing solutions to circumstances that are otherwise unsolved. after disobeying protocol, she was considered a defect and got dismissed.She now operates under a new team.

Ballroom Blitz

More info about eepy siren on SentinelHR.unumnet/org/about Toyhouse.

B.U.G (and Aiden)

"...this is a first in the history of all Vortex contestants, who knew the hosts would budge? The surprising fact about the newest member of Inner Circle isn't only because they're a lifeline drone from OmniHealth, it's that they come with a human kid! The team just expanded its roster to, technically, six members! It's a massive mystery to everyone when it comes to how that's even allowed or how Inner Circle, of all teams, had taken them in, but they must be quite something if they beat the odds twice. A lifeline drone and a kid, folks, what could they possibly offer to the Vortex?"

―Green, Vortex Unveiled | # 349

You're looking at the wrong guy. Eyes up there. Yeah. That little guy. Introducing B.U.G! A MedAssist XT-3000 Lifeline drone manufactured by OmniHealth. They assists Aiden with his health condition. Upon joining the Vortex, B.U.G had modified themselves to better fit the battlefield, with Aiden 'borrowing' tools from his dad's construction company.B.U.G and Aiden are best friends.

Inner Circle

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Noah (Noah Trench)

"Absolutely! Noah's journey has certainly stirred up strong opinions. On one side, you have folks who hail her as a hero, the face of hope for Edona's survival. They see her as the one who's willing to go to extreme lengths to save their planet from its impending doom. But then there are those who shake their heads, thinking that Noah has lost her way. They believe that fleeing to Unum and joining a combat game in the Vortex is not what Edonians stand for. That it goes against their principles. Many Edonians are known for their peaceful and harmonious approach to solving problems, but Noah being an exception might be all they need to get out of their own self-destruction. Sometimes you just have to fight."

―Blue, Vortex Unveiled | # 293

Noah Trench is an environmental scientist that hails from a dying planet. Having no other choice, and desperate for any sort of measure to save her home, she turns to the Vortex in hope she'll be able to save her planet from imminent doom.She manages an interuniversal holographic zoo within a nearby glitterworld and specializes in hard light technology.


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HAYWOOD (Orville Carver)

"And they really make sure to give him that! Have you seen the things he’s pulled off? From extracting rival company intel to snagging the Solar Emerald itself! Things we would otherwise never have known unless he made it known intentionally. No slip ups. No traces. As good as thieves can get. Although, you know how it is with Hay, sometimes you’ve gotta get a little recognition for what you do. But either way, the deal is as simple as it gets: whatever you want, whenever you want, consider it yours, as long as you pay him the right amount."

―Green, Vortex Unveiled | # 324

Orville Carver has seen his share of close calls, being an espionage agent for hire isn't the cushy job people might think it is, neither is being a kleptomaniac, or any job that produces a raging bounty on your head for acquiring classified military tech. It's all high risk, high reward. Orville doesn't seem to mind.He operates under the callsign "Haywood."

Ballroom Blitz

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"Now, we've got to admit, Olle and his band's music might be their form of fighting, but come on, folks, is that going to cut it in the Vortex? Music versus combat skills? I mean, we've seen our fair share of... unorthodox methods, but we thought this wasn't it. Guess we were all proven wrong! In their first match-up, they took on the tryouts, and guess what? TIDAL really held their own out there, and Olle, oh boy, he's something else! We've never seen anyone manipulate lightning in such a unique way. Liavids, they're not exactly known for being tech-savvy. In fact, the guys HATE technology, but Olle is out-of-the-box different. I've never seen anything like the equipment that he has. They've really turned the stage into THEIR stage! So, what's the verdict, folks? Can music really be a form of fighting in the Vortex? Or will they need something more than just a catchy tune?"

―Red, Vortex Unveiled | # 320

Olle (Pronounced Ah-Lei) Is TIDAL's drummer, as well as the Waverider's main pilot. Being the band's oldest member, he roars with authority and keeps the band together when the going gets tough. Beyond the music scene, he's your go-to spiritual guide, specializing in energy and meditation, tailoring his approach uniquely to the energy you give him.He is... annoyingly optimistic.


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